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The secret with Swedish Percussion Drums!


Swedish Percussions unique sound is in its special characteristics and construction. First a drumshell made from Scandinavian wood. How come Scandinavian wood is so special?


Scandinavian wood has been growing very slowly which make it dens. Wood is a living material and Scandinavian wood grow during extreme temperature changes, from +30 degrees to - 30 degrees, a temperature deferens with 60 degrees. That makes a Scandinavian wooddrum to cope better with temperature changes better the most other drums.


As important to the choice of wood is the building construction of the drum. The drumshell is cross-laminated for strength and its built in only 3 layers. That means that its only two layer of glue in every drumshell against 3-5 layers commonly used in the drummanufacturing business. The smaller amount of glue makes the drumshell more true to its natural sound. Swedish Percussions drums intails the whole soundregister, from the deepest bass to the highets pitch. All drums are also equipped with tone-staves, to enhance the sound.


The drums are kept naturally or dyed and lacquered in environment friendly colors and lacquer. All to preserve the naturally beauty of the wood and the natural sound of the drums.The combination of wood selection, thickness of the drumsell and building construction makes a drum with optimal sound. 


When you order drums from:


- you can choose the depth of your drum.
- you can choose almost any color for drums.

- you choose what sizes you want from 6" and upwards (we have made Scandinavians biggest bassdrum, 60", to the Royal Swedish Opera.)

- you get a unique drum made especially for you.

- everything is possible; the impossible just take a bit longer.


Scandinavians biggest bassdrum 60"


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