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Swedish Percussion doesn’t only build drums and percussion. We do service & maintainness as well.


Seriously speaking, your car shall undergo inspection every year but how is it with the condition of your drums?


How often do you change your drumskins?


Do you know how you want your drums to sound or look? And still they don’t!


Don’t worry; we will fix it for you!


If you let Swedish Percussion make an inspection of your drums. We make a first ocular inspection of your drums and thereafter come with suggestions for action that is needed.


If you already knows what’s wrong with your drums or what you would like to have done. Then all you have to do is to contact us through the mail and we will help you!


If the conditions of your drums are good enough to repair, Swedish Percussion can build the drum of your dreams.


For prices and more information, please mail us and we will comeback to you as soon as possible.













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